Parenting Challenges

Share your challenge!
February 16, 2007, 9:54 pm
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Ever wish you had a space to just write down your parenting challenges? Sometimes this small act can clear your head and allow you to move forward. I find I need to process some parenting issues and writing it down is the best way. So here is a space for you – just add your comments on any challenges you face and see what happens.

This is not meant to be a negative environment at all. It is simply a space for you to reflect and hopefully in doing so you will come up with some answers that move you forward. When you write, notice your feelings, notice any shifts that occur and most of all be kind to yourself and your children. You might like later on to come back and post on how you overcame these challenges. Your learning could help someone else facing the same challenge! We are all making our way in the world doing it the best way we know how. We will all make mistakes, but our mistakes are what we learn from. So go ahead and share from you heart 🙂

Love and blessings